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Lopez sampling

Photo of Lopez collecting sample by Clark

Clark sampling

Photo of Clark using FLYSPEC by Lopez

Volcanic Gases

Taryn Lopez (Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks) and Tim Clark (Univ. of Maryland) measured volcanic sulfur dioxide emissions from Bezymianny using a FLYSPEC (UV spectrometer system). Measurements were collected on eleven days from stationary points (scanning the plume) and by helicopter (flying under the plume). Fumarolic gas samples were also collected from the dome and the 2006 pyroclastic flow. There are two main objectives: (1) Generate a baseline dataset of Bezymianny's volcanic emissions in order to detect changes in gas chemistry and elucidate subsurface volcanic processes; (2) Validate satellite SO2 measurements, specifically for ASTER, MODIS, and OMI sensors. Future plans include continued collection of emissions data (FLYSPEC and direct gas samples in future field campaigns) and further validation the satellite sensors. For more information see Clark and Lopez's AGU abstract.