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Seismic station by Wes Thelen

Seismic station by Wes Thelen


The PIRE seismic team (Helena Buurman, Alex Nikulin, Wes Thelen, and Mike West) has installed eight seismic stations within 40 km on Bezymianny in order to monitor seismicity associated with volcanic activity. Volcanoes have a heterogeneous structure and thus shallow (< 1km deep) earthquake signals associated with volcanic activity are largely attenuated. Additionally, seismic signlas are subjected to surface wave conversion in the near field. The combination creates a drawn out, low frequency seismic signal that records the path rather than the source of the signal. Wes Thelen is comparing earthquakes at Bezymianny and Mt St Helens, observed at equivalent distances. By analyzing the signals from Bezyimianny associated with semi-annual explosive eruptions, the seismic team hopes to be able to find seismic indicators that could be used to characterize future eruptive sequences at Mt St Helens. For more information, view the AGU 2007 abstract

Photos of seismic station by Wes Thelen