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Faculty and Researchers

Vilory Bakhtiarov Vilory Bakhtiarov examines crutal deformation through GPS at the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Far Eastern Branch.
Vilory  by Gwyn
Dr. Marina Belousova Marina Belousova is senior researcher at Institute of Volcanology and Seismology in Kamchatka studying pyroclastic stratigraphy. Research Website
Marina Belousova by Kayzar
Dr. Alexander Belousov Alexander Belousov is senior researcher at Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics in Sakhalin studying explosive eruptions and their products. Research Website
Alexander Belousov by Sokorenko
Dr. John Eichelberger John Eichelberger was a professor of volcanology and igneous petrology at UAF where he is now the Dean of the Graduate School. He has been working towards a Russian-American volcanological partnership since he developed the volcanological field school that visits Alaska and Kamchatka annually. Research Website John Eicheleberger by Shipman
Dr. Jeff Freymueller Jeff Freymueller is a Professor of Geophysics at UAF. He uses GPS to study the crustal deformation caused by volcanic and seismic activity. Research Website
Jef by Rustem
Dr. Evgenii Gordeev Evgenii Gordeev is the director of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology in Kamchatka. He primarily studies seismology. Research Website
Evgeny Gordeev by Almberg
Max Kaufman Max is an employee of the Geophysical Institute at UAF within the crustal deformation group. He has been primarily responsible for coordinating with Russian researchers with regards to the installation of GPS equipment in Kamchatka.
Max Kaufman by Wendy
Dr. Pavel Izbekov Pavel Izbekov is a research associate at the UAF studying igneous petrology and physical volcanology. Research Website
Pavel Izbekov by himself
Dr. Steve Malone Professor of Seismology at the University of Washington. Research Website
Malone by Theresa
Dr. Alexey Ozerov Alexey Ozerov is senior researcher at Institute of Volcanology and Seismology in Kamchatka working in petrology, physical volcanology and seismology. He is currently building a working model of a volcano. Research Website
Alexi Ozerov by Shipman
Dr. John Pallister Petrologist at the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, Washington.
Pallister by Sokorenko
Slava Pilipenko Slava is the head of the GPS observation crew at the Kamchatka branch of the Russian Geophysical Service.
Slava by Sokorenko
Sergey Senyukov Sergey Senyukov is head of the Research Laboratory of Seismic and Volcanic Activity with KBGS.
Senyukov by Sokorenko
Alexander Sokorenko Alexander is a professional photographer at the Kamchatka Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. He has been recording the work of the PIRE team.
Alexander by Jill
Sergei Syerovetneekov Sergei also works for the Kamchatka branch of the Russian Geophysical Service, he is the principal engineer of the GPS observation crew.
Sergei by Jeff
Sergey Ushakov Sergey Ushakov works with the Institute of Volcanalogy and Seismology in Kamchatka and KVERT. Research Website
Sergey Ushakov by Izbekov
Dr. Mike West Mike West is a professor at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks where he studies seismology. Research Website
Mike West by Shipman


Ilyas Abkadyrov Ilyas is an undergraduate at Kamchatka State Univrsity where he is studying geophysics.
Ilyas Abkadyrov by Hughes
Leslie Almberg Leslie is beginning the fourth year of her PhD at UAF (although she has been there for six years) where she studies volcanology and igneous petrology with Professor Jessica Larsen. In addition to her scientific interests, she is also involved in outreach programs and furthering international relations.
Leslie Almberg by Pavel
Geoffroy Avard Geoffroy does petrology and studies the viscosities of lavas at The University of Missouri, Columbia. He is entering his third year.
Geof by Rustem
Yury Bukatov Yury is an undergraduate at Kamchatka State University where he is studying geology and geophysics.
Yury Bukatov by Pavel
Helena Buurman Helena is in her second year of study at UAF working with Dr Mike West towards a Masters degree in volcano seismology. She will be part of the team installing seismic stations around Bezymianny and working with the seismic data once it has been collected.
Helena by sokorenko
Adam Carter Adam is currently a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh where he is studying the use of thermal imaging (FLIR) in volcanology. Research Website
Adam by himself
Tim Clark Tim is starting his second year of the Masters program in Geography at the University of Maryland. He is interested in satellite remote sensing detection of volcanic aerosols and ash in the infrared.
Tim by Sokorenko
Emily Gottesfeld Emily is studying physical volcanology with Professor Kathy Cashman at the University of Oregon. She will be measuring the porosity and permeability of pyroclastic material from Bezymianny.
Emily Gottesfeld by Stovall
Maxim Gavrilenko Max is currently working towards his PhD in petrology at the Moscow State University with Professor Alexei Ozerov. He will be conducting petrological experiments on Bezymianny products both at the University of Fairbanks with John Eichelberger and at Moscow State.
Max Gavrilenko by Izbekov
Gwyneth Hughes Gwyneth participated in the PIRE project in 2006-2007 and helped to install GPS equipment on Bezymianny. She received her PhD at Stanford University where she working on projects with Gail Mahood and Paul Segall.
Gwyneth Hughes by Kayzar
Theresa Kayzar Theresa is currently a third year graduate student at the University of Washington where she is working on Pinatubo geochemistry. She will be doing U-series geochemistry to analyze the volcanic products of Bezymianny.
Theresa Kayzar by Izbekov
Taryn Lopez Taryn is studying volcanic gas chemistry at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Specifically, she is studying the SO2 emissions at Bezymianny and Fourpeaked volcanoes.
Taryn by Rustem
Oksana Krivomazova Oksana is in her fourth year of her undergraduate degree in Geology at Kamchatka State University. She is specifically interested in physical volcanology.
Oksana Krivomazova by Izbekov
Alex Nikulin Alex is a graduate student at Rutgers University, currently in his second year of a PhD study. Currently involved in research dealing with seismic investigation of subduction zone structure. In the PIRE project, he worked in the seismic network installation. He is currently processing and analyzing prior seismic data in order to determine the seismic structure of Bezymianny.
Anton Nuzhdayev Anton is an undergraduate study in Geology at Kamchatka State University.
Anton Nuzhdayev by Izbekov
Shellie Rose Shellie is a PhD student in Remote Sensing and Volcanology at the University of Pittsburgh. Research Website
Shellie by Adam
Vasily Shcherbakov Vasily is a student at Moscow State University studying petrology. He is in his fifth year and is currently examining hornblendes from Bezymianny with experimental petrology.
Vasily by Rustem
Jill Shipman Jill will be beginning her third year at UAF where she is working with Professors John Eichelberger and Jeff Freymueller. She has been involved with this project since its inception and will be doing both experimental petrology and geodetic analysis related to Bezymianny for her PhD.
Jill Shipman by Hughes
Wendy Stovall Wendy was a PIRE participant in 2006 and analyzed the vesicularity of the blast deposits from 1956. She received her PhD in physical volcanology from the University of Hawaii in 2009. She currently works at the USGS Volcano Science Center.
Wendy Stovall by Almberg
Wes Thelen Wes participated in PIRE from 2006 to 2007 and compared seismicity from Bezymianny with that of Mount St. Helens. Wes received his PhD in seismology from the University of Washington where he worked with Steve Malone. He currently workes for the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Research Website
Wes Thelen by Gwyn
Alexandra Tsay Sasha is studying petrology at Moscow State University. She is in her fourth year and is currently studying deposits from the 1956 Bezyianny eruption.
Sasha by Rustem
Saskia van Manen Saskia studies precursory signals of volcanic eruptions at The Open University in the U.K.
Saskia by Sokorenko
Rustem Zagredinoff Rustem is in his 5th year at Kazan state University in the Department of Geodesy. During the past summer, he had an internship at the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology in Kamchatka.
Rustem by Jeff


Katya Gnitieva Katya is currently a graduate student at Kamchatka State Technical University studying geoacoustics. In addition, she teaches differential equations and informatics to undergraduates at the university. She cooked for the PIRE GPS team this summer.
Katya by Jeff
Arkadii Groshev Arkadii is currently an architecture student and worked as a cook this summer.
Arkadi by Rustem


Yevrashka The Yevrashke live happily on the slopes of Bezymianny, with the exception of the occasional bear sighting. They are a constant source of entertainment.
Yevrashka by Jeff