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Fall 2007: Bezymianny had another explosive eruption on October 14th. ASTER data revealed a new pyroclastic flow on the southeast flank of the volcano.

Summer 2007: On May 12th, 2007, Bezymianny Volcano erupted explosively again. The new pyroclastic deposits from both the December and May eruptions were sampled during fieldwork in August.

Spring 2007: Bezymianny Volcano erupted explosively on Dec. 24th, 2006 sending, ash 6-10 km into the air and destroying a portion of the growing lava dome. Explosive eruptions at Bezyimianny tend to occur 1-2 times per year, generally in winter and spring. The most recent activity was monitored by the seismic and GPS equipment installed during 2006, and data will be analyzed by members of the PIRE team during the upcoming year. More information at GVP/USGS Report

Fall 2006: The 2006 participants of the PIRE project met at the AGU conference in December to present results and discuss the future of projects. In September of 2006, Vilory Bahktiarov and a group of workers from the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology in Kamchatka successfully installed 7 continuous GPS stations around Bezymianny. These stations will collect ground deformation data year-round, allowing researchers to model how magma moves within the crust beneath Bezymianny. Photo of site by A. Ozerov