(9 September) If you have an oral presentation, you can upload your presentation file in advance. You can do this only using secure ftp (sftp). Connect to the server denali.gps.alaska.edu using the login igfs2. The password will be sent in the final email message. Please name files using your last name (family name) and the day of presentation. Follow this example:

If you have auxiliary files, please begin the file names with the same string. You are welcome to create a directory if you have multiple files -- please use the naming convention above for your directory, and then you may use any file names you like within the directory.

If you have multiple presentations, you can add an underscore and a few words from the title, if that will help in identifying your presentation.

If you are going to upload files this way, please do so before Sunday evening, 19 September. You can also transfer your presentation files at the meeting.

(7 September)
The final program is now available for download in PDF format. Click here to download. If you find your abstract is missing, a name or title is mixed up, or any other problem, please let us know immediately.
Hotel and accomodations information are now avaiable on the Travel/Lodging page. The meeting will begin on the morning of 20 September (Monday). Please plan to arrive on Sunday 19 September, or earlier. The meeting program is almost complete and the schedule of presentations will be posted soon. The registration desk will be open at 07:30 on 20 September, outside the Gold Room in the Westmark.
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You are cordially invited to the 2nd International Symposium of the IGFS - International Gravity Field Service. The Symposium follows the 1st IGFS symposium in Istanbul, August 2006, and the Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation, held in Chania, Greece, 2008, and is organized under the auspices of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG).

Online registration continues to be available, although abstract submissions are closed. Go to the REGISTRATION item in the menu bar above to access the registration page. Please leave the abstract items blanked, as new abstracts cannot be accepted. You can register now and pay now or pay later, as you prefer.

More travel information is also available at the TRAVEL/LODGING link above.

The science of gravity field determination and modelling is rapidly changing with the advent of new observation techniques and modelling methods. With both the GRACE and GOCE satellite missions in orbit, the global gravity field and its changes is going to be mapped with unprecedented accuracy. With airborne gravimetry filling in mid-wavelength bands, with release of regional gravity field data to global gravity field models such as EGM08, and the improved accuracy of ocean satellite altimetry inversions, the static gravity field information in the mid-wavelength bands are becoming highly accurate over most of the globe, giving reliable new data for geoid determination, and improved imaging of geophysical features.

With the ability to measure gravity field changes by satellites (GRACE), as well as by superconducting and repeated absolute gravity, applications of gravity field information have spread from geodesy and geophysics into much broader application errors such as climate studies, glaciology and hydrology.

First GOCE gradients (courtesy R. Floberhagen, ESA)

Scientific Program

We solicit papers for the 2nd International Symposium of the IGFS on gravity field determination, with special focus on topics:

Submitted papers can be either oral or poster. Posters will stay up during the entire meeting. It is not planned to produce proceedings.


The meeting will be held at the Westmark Hotel in downtown Fairbanks. We have negotiated low room rates, and the hotel will be a convenient location for the attendees, with excellent facilities and many other restaurants and bars within easy walking distance.

The Westmark hotel also offers a number of local excursions that can be booked directly with the hotel. Normally the last day for this service is September 18, the Saturday before the meeting. We are checking with the hotel to see if some excursion options can be made available on the 19th. In any case, if you want to combine the meeting with some tourism, we advise you to do the touring before the meeting as there are many more options at that time.

Notable deadlines

Registration Fees

Registration fees will cover the cost of lunches all three days of the meeting, refreshments during breaks, and an icebreaker reception and banquet. The cutoff date for Regular registration will be September 1, and a late fee will be charged for registrations received or paid after that date. Register through the REGISTRATION link above, and you can pay online with a credit card through a secure payment service.

Absolute gravity and GPS in Greenland for ice loading monitoring

Scientific Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee