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Toolbox - A bunch of things that accumulated ...

Everything here is published under the terms of the GPL. Hence, it is free for use, adaption, and passing on. However, the sources of all software must be freely available and the software must be free of cost. At all times.

I update things posted here infrequently. If you want an alert about changes, drop me an email:
ronni <at> gi <dot> alaska <dot> edu

check_repeats Find repeated words in your text file (e.g., LaTex)
CrusDe Crustal Deformation simulation (C/C++)
dice Java applet to simulate m-throws with n-dice
latex_demon Get almost WYSIWYG LaTeX
sh2doc Auto--document for (shell) scripts with special comments
t_debug Textual debugging for Matlab
visucl Visual Cluster Analysis

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