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Conference Objectives

The Kurile-Kamchatka-Aleutian volcanic arcs are among the least understood in the world. Yet, their high level of activity and continuity across continental and oceanic lithosphere provide an exceptional opportunity to understand the linkages among tectonism, magma genesis, and eruption that characterize subduction zones. This continuing series of meetings seeks to build a vital international geoscience community in the North Pacific, while at the same time drawing upon insights from workers in other areas. A special emphasis of the forthcoming meeting will be on the hazards posed by arc volcanism and great subduction zone earthquakes (including tsunamis). The intent of the meeting is to nurture productive collaborations in monitoring of and research into subduction zone processes, both between geoscientists in Alaska and in the remainder of the United States, and between those of the US and its North Pacific neighbors.

We are planning to host some related workshops and side meetings on Sunday-Monday June 21-22. The first main event of the JKASP meeting will be a reception on the evening of Monday June 22. More details including a draft schedule are in the Second Circular.

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